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precision design and developmentFrom product conception and development all the way to manufacturing, it is important to stay focused on creating high quality machined parts, particularly for industries that rely heavily on accuracy and consistency. Today’s manufacturing technologies allow developers to create products that are way more precise than ever before. One concept that is essential in product development is known as “Design for Reliability” or DFR. While it has been around in manufacturing for a long time, many manufacturers today are adopting a DFR process in order to stand out from the competition.

What Does DFR Mean?
The term Design for Reliability has become the term used by the manufacturing industry to represent a facility that goes above and beyond to create reliable and consistent products from the initial point of development all the way through manufacturing to testing and inspection to ensure quality results. If you are looking for a Massachusetts design and development team that will embrace this idea of achieving high reliability through the manufacturing technologies that they use, consider BBB & Machine, Inc., located in Wareham, MA.

In a nutshell, the idea of designing for reliability is to create an engineering process that utilizes modern manufacturing technologies and tools to create a comprehensive cycle of development that actually designs reliability into the products that are produced.

A variety of testing and inspection services are used to analyze the products that are being developed into high quality machined parts. This sets an effective reliability method or program into place, allowing the product conception and development team to see the project through to the end, guaranteeing quality and precision. Lots of planning and organization through many years of experience and education, along with the integration of testing and inspection practices into the overall process, help companies like BBB & Machine, Inc. to achieve such lofty goals.

The Benefits of Reliability
Because there is so much more work involved in product conception and development of reliable, consistent high quality machined parts, why would any company go above and beyond like that? The answer is that there are many benefits to establishing a reputation within the Massachusetts design, development and manufacturing industry for creating reliable and precision products. While the manufacturing technologies used may be more expensive and the time taken to guarantee accuracy may seem to be wasted, the truth is that the best road to success is to create products that are reliable and consistent.

There are so many companies that cut corners and don’t take the time to test and inspect the products that they develop and manufacture, that it quickly becomes clear when a company comes along that takes pride in creating high quality machined parts and builds it right in to the very basis of their product conception and development process. In order to achieve these goals a company must be willing to use the best available methods for testing accuracy and have a comprehensive understanding on how to calculate and achieve reliability standards. It must start at the very beginning of design and development and remain a focus until the very end of the process.

When Reliability Fails
Unfortunately, there are many companies have missed the mark with reliability and are producing inconsistent and poor quality parts. If they don’t understand that success begins at the moment of product conception and development, that reliability needs to be built-in to the processes used, such as manufacturing technologies, testing and inspection as the parts are created, they will never achieve such goals. The tools that are used to create high quality machined parts and the reliability of those tools will affect the end results. Today’s high technology system means increased complexity across every stage of development, so it is important to include activities that test and inspect for reliability throughout the entire process, not just at the end.

Without building those “check points” into the process itself, these tools are enacted too late in the development of the product, creating problems that cannot be corrected at the stage that they are discovered. It is important to work with a Massachusetts design and development team that understands the importance of using every tool and resource at their disposal to ensure reliability in the products that they develop and manufacture for your industry. When choosing a manufacturing company to work with, it is important to choose one that places an emphasis on working with you in product conception development all the way through the application of manufacturing technologies, testing and inspection for quality control. BBB & Machine, Inc. provides all of that and more.

BBB & Machine, Inc. works directly with clients every step of the way to ensure that everything is designed, machined and fabricated according to their specific needs. Contact our team in Wareham, Massachusetts by calling 508-273-0050. You can also use our online form to request a FREE estimate for any of our professional services.

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