About BBB

Founded in 1999 by owner Kevin Allaire, BBB & Machine, Inc. utilizes the latest in manufacturing technologies to design and manufacture precision machined parts and mechanical assemblies. Our team utilizes a wide variety of professional equipment including CNC machining, CNC turning, heat treating ovens, vibratory parts finisher, and a 55 ton Ironworker, as needed.

Kevin Allaire’s many years of experience working in the product design field for the medical industry, helped him to see the need for a company that could provide clients with comprehensive services for product conception and development all the way through to manufacturing. Since our launch, BBB & Machine, Inc. has produced many different parts across many different industries, including the medical field.

Our commitment and dedication helps us to provide our customers with cost-effective and timely results at the highest quality. We have earned a solid reputation within the industry for supplying high quality machined parts that meet the specifications of our clients, and that are delivered on-time.

Our Mission Statement
At BBB & Machine, Inc., it is our policy to design and manufacture products of the highest quality in order to exceed the customer’s satisfaction. Each piece is created with the purpose of achieving the functions of design and reliability, in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The Secret to Our Success

Part of our success is related to our understanding that a commitment to quality, reliability and precision is required by our entire team, from the moment that the material comes in through the door to the moment that it gets boxed and shipped.

Our scope of services includes:

  • product design and development
  • precision machined and fabricated components
  • assembly of mechanical parts
  • CAD services
  • custom fixturing
  • 3 axis CNC milling
  • 2 axis CNC turning
  • abrasive blasting
  • metal fabrication

At BBB & Machine, Inc., we enjoy a close working relationship with our customers. Feel free to contact us by phone at 508-273-0050 or use our online contact form for all of your machining needs.